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Teamwork using Overleaf and Zotero

Written by Matthias Osswald - March 2021
If you need to work on a scientific paper as a team it might be hard to coordinate everything using LaTeX. A very cool solution for that is using Overleaf connected with Zotero.

Overleaf lets your team work simultaneously on the LaTeX paper as you might know it from Google Docs. Another great advantage about it is, that you don’t have to set up the complete LaTeX build environment locally.

For your bibliography you can now create a shared group in Zotero. If you hit Groups > your-group > Settings and set Library Reading to Anyone on the internet you will be able to use the Zotero api to add a synchronized bibtex file to Overleaf.

For that go to your Overleaf project and select New File and then From External URL. Use something like the following pattern for the URL:


You can retrieve the <group-id> from the url when you visit it online on zotero.org.