About me

my_name%> Matthias Osswald
characterize%> cat ~/statements.txt
Different can be awesome. Agility emerges from a team culture. Run your code on somebody else's computer. Coding test driven helps to focus on what's relevant.
morning%> Coffee
programming_language%> Python (and others)
version_control%> GIT
editor%> Vim & Jetbrains IDEs
operating_system%> Unix stuff


|-- education
|   |-- ZHAW\ (computer\ science)
|   |-- GIBB\ (application\ developer)
|   `-- ETH\ (one\ year)
|-- languages
|   |-- German(CH)\ (native)
|   `-- English\ (Hastings\ NZ\ six\ month)
`-- employments
    |-- Cyllective\ AG
    |-- 4teamwork\ AG
    `-- Insel\ Gruppe

Blog Posts

sep_22%> SQLAlchemy Models to SchemaHero Table YAMLs
oct_21%> OAuth2-Proxy in Istio
may_21%> GraphQL Authorization
mar_21%> Teamwork using Overleaf and Zotero
jan_21%> Factory Method - Creational Design Pattern
dec_20%> Builder - Creational Design Pattern
dec_20%> Abstract Factory - Creational Design Pattern
dec_20%> Python Typing with Pydantic
dec_20%> Getting Started with LaTeX